Class Size Chaos Problem

Save Our Schools NC is dedicated to ending the class size chaos


In a budget bill, the North Carolina General Assembly gave public schools a class size mandate for grades kindergarten through third.  The caps are as follows Kindergarten 18 students, 1st grade 16 students, and 2nd – 3rd grade 17 students.  With public pressure, the mandate was initially delayed and only partially rolled out in the school year 2017-2018.  In early 2018, HB90 was passed.

Class Size Chaos and House Bill 90    #TheChaosContinues

Official House Bill 90 Link

  • Phases in class size mandate numbers
    • Mandate numbers go into full effect for school year 2021-2022
  • Adds funding for Enhancement (Special) Teachers
    • 1 specialist : 191 students, or 246 million by school year 20-21
    • Created a specific allotment for enhancement teachers, and districts are not permitted to move money from teacher allotments to enhancement.  This makes budgeting more difficult.
  • Zero funding for new school construction
    • This is crux of the problem for many counties.  The need for more classrooms means school construction and modification.
    • North Carolina hasn’t had a statewide school bond since 1996, many of our schools needed facilities help long before the mandate came crashing down on them.
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Keep in mind this wasn’t a clean bill.  It contained provisions concerning the pipeline, as well as opening the door for those already in private schools to use education saving account money (vouchers).  Looking at the votes, this is why many public school advocates in the House and Senate voted against it.

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