Pass a Meaningful School Bond and Provide Funds for Capital Improvements


North Carolina public schools are in desperate need for capital improvements. Some areas are experiencing growth and need new buildings. Many of our buildings are old and crumbling. We have AC and heating issues. Many of our counties don’t have enough property to tax. Something needs to be done statewide. North Carolina hasn’t had a statewide school bond since 1996. In 2016, it was estimated there was around 8 billion dollars in statewide need. This didn’t account for extra classrooms needed for class size mandate. There are two proposals currently out in the NCGA. One is a statewide school bond. The other proposal is Senate Bill 5.

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Senate Bill 5

  • Provides 2 billion dollars for K-12 over 9 years starting this year
  • No word how it will be distributed to counties
  • Those who don’t comply with state class size law will be ineligible for the money
  • In the news

School Bond

  • Failed in 2017, but Speaker Moore has revived the idea of a statewide school bond
  • Right now the number hoovers at 1.9 billion, but some of the money going to higher education
  • Several bills propose a state-wide school bond on ballot for 2020. Check out our Solutions Page!

Statewide Facilities Need Survey 2015-2016