A Seat at the Table

It was an incredible honor to be asked to part of a Governor Cooper’s roundtable discussion on education.  Being a parent sometimes it is hard to get a seat at those important tables.  Parents are often left out or don’t even know they can speak out.   At the roundtable, I spoke about the shared …

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The App

The announcement essentially gives flexible state supply money directly to teachers instead of to districts. Each teacher will receive about $400 each to spend on classroom supplies according to the press conference.

Medicaid Expansion

While we often talk about fully funding our public schools, we don’t often talk about fully funding our families. Strong families make even stronger students, schools, and communities. One way to support strong families is to advocate for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. While many or our children are covered by current Medicaid, most of …

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Creating a Positive and Safe School Climate in North Carolina

More and more studies are showing that having a positive school environment can help promote school safety and wellness.  We are starting to see data come out to back up the idea that having a positive school climate and students connected to the school can decrease violence in our schools.  One researcher, Ron Astor, at …

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Giving Thanks

Education in North Carolina seems to be in perpetual crisis mode.  In all honesty, we have a mess.  We still have a class size mandate that is draining our counties of funds and space.  We have a dreadful principal pay policy with consequences on the horizon.  There are no textbooks in many schools;  there are …

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Poll Greeting

We finally made it.  It’s voting time.  It all comes down to this, the vote.  We have the opportunity to change things for the better in the state.  This is why on many days you’ll find me greeting voters at the poll.  I’m assisting a representative that has a proven public education record.  I’m also …

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