Legislative Goals 2021

For as long as I can remember, people on Save Our Schools NC Facebook Group have asked what does a fully funded school system look like. The Leandro Decision gave us a road map to get started. The ruling not only stated that our schools aren’t adequately or equitably funded, but provided recommendations to fix it. It is up to our NCGA to fix the issue, but it is up to us to make sure they do their job. These are our legislative goals:

  • Teachers¬†&¬†Principals: Create a system of teacher and principal development and recruitment that ensures each classroom is staffed with a quality professional who is supported with professional learning opportunities and provided competitive pay.
  • Funding &Resource Equity: Maintain a finance system that provides adequate, equitable, and predictable funding to school districts and importantly adequate resources to address the needs of all schools and students, especially at-risk students.
  • Assessment &Accountability: Create a system that provides strong guidance for the learning and progress of each child, the effectiveness of teachers, schools, districts, and the impact of educational programs and legislation toward closing opportunity gaps.
  • Support for Low-Performing Schools: Create a system of assistance and turnaround functions that provide specific support to low-performing schools and districts that serve a disproportionate number of students with academic risk factors.
  • Early Learning (Pre-K): Provide all children with equal educational opportunity before age 5 with access to high-quality pre-kindergarten and other early childhood learning opportunities regardless of where they live.
  • Career Readiness: Promote successful high school to post-secondary transition and career preparedness with opportunities for relevant workforce learning, technical skill development, and more changes to earn college credit during high school