Morning, all.  Here’s a (slightly belated) look at what’s been happening around the web in education:

First, if you read only one thing this week, make it this article from WUNC:  In it, school finance officers describe one of the roots of tension between the school districts and the NCGA, and I suspect, the fundamental misunderstanding that leads NCGA leaders to claim schools are “misusing” funds.

Second, while you’re over at WUNC, check out the companion piece:

Third, an interesting look at the correlation between school spending and rates of discipline:

Fourth, Kris Nordstrom dives into school safety here in NC:

And finally, I tried to pick just one of Stu Egan’s pieces this week to highlight, but frankly they’re all important and interesting.  Do yourself a favor and spend a little time over at Caffeinated Rage this weekend.  It will be worth it.

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